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well that was fun ^^

Dtac was yesterday and it was pretty fun. Most of the people in my group did Hetalia (no, not the obnoxiously loud one, thankfully) and I was dressed as Xion and i didn't die from heat this time XD

There was a few new people added to our group which was fun and I was the unofficial photographer of our hetalia group and we took a lot of really cute pics (some were cute candid shots ♥) and a bunch of lulzy pics. Oh Russia, I <3 your expressions XD Funny thing was, it's thanks to this con that i remember how fangirls scare me. I was thinking, Okay Kingdom Hearts, a lot of the fans (females for the most part, am assuming) go insane over the male characters and attack them. I was dressed as the new-ish female character and as soon as my group walked in i somehow got pulled aside by a groups of girls first asking for hugs(relatively safe) started chatting with them until one girl asked me what my favorite pairing was. I didn't even bother replying when she started going on about her "Dream pairing is Roxas/Xion/Axel. If anyone writes a fanfiction of that, it would be SOOOO HOT!" etc. etc. etc. At that point I sent my group a slight 'help me' look that they didn't really see, so i made a BS excuse of "oh hay my group is leaving, bai~" and flee. Yeah, i know this is probably mild compared to what other people have gone through, but still :P there's more maybe i'll elaborate more later

After the con, we went to kbbq. lotsa food and fun was had and it was in good company so it's all good. afterwards when we got our stuff back from Dina's car, i was all "oh shit." We had to book it so that we could catch the train. I know we could wait for the next one if we miss it, but considering i opened the next day (which was today OTL), i wanted to get home as soon as possible so that i could get home and sleep. We were able to catch our train which was good ^^.

I wish i wandered a bit more around the con so I saw people... boo next time I'll wander more, damnit X3 That aside, it was a fun con so no complaints... too much anyway XD
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