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haha i don't post often enough o.o

well, still alive, somewhat :3

Missed AN this year again :3, though i did go to the picnic. I should've learned from when i cosplayed Agito that i was probably gonna die of heat cosplaying Xion and said organization 13 coat was borrowed for short while by Sora(Renee) and Riku(Brenda). They also borrowed my Keyblade for their photoshoot and in turn when i had mine, i borrowed Sora's paopu fruit (i wanted to steal it X3 so cute)

hmm right now am just working on Merch that i'm planning to sell eventually but since i have no set cons to sell at yet, i has time :3

and on a random note, i wanted to destroy anything and everything on sunday since my shift was uber late. when she did get in, she did all the stuff that was supposed to be done and i ended up running around doing everything that she and myself were suppose to do when we opened. thankfully the third person came in so i practically ordered her to take orders and make drinks while i try to set whatever i can in the store while the shift was in the back room.

i never want to open with that shift ever again >_>

that aside, i did enjoy hanging out with people after work :D thanks for dropping by for a bit Teresa ♥
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