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It's going downhill from here

okay, so it's been at least 2 months since I posted. go me!

I guess it's going slightly downhill for me(last night), both in a good way and in a weird way. Last night, I was thinking to myself how I was going to present my lesson for Monday. So as I started to doze off, I was mumbling to myself how I was going to put my lesson together and how I was going to present it. As I was sleeping, I could hear myself STILL mumbling about my lesson plan, and finally when I woke up this morning, I was STILL mumbling about my lesson plan >_> When I finally understood what I was mumbling about, I couldn't help but stare outside in the weirdest WTF expression I'd ever had.

two weeks of school left... wah~ I'm going to be so sad when this course is over ;o; I hope I'll get to go out with (majority) of my classmates before the course is done since there is a VERY slim chance that we will see each other again. well, two of my classmates I can live without seeing EVER again.

now I better get going, my idog is now growling at me ._.; and I have to work on my lesson plan.
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