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This Saturday, at Pmall

There was this really cute boy standing on the second floor by the escalators (and the Food Court thingie). He was with hanging around with a couple of girls they kinda look like they were waiting for someone :3 ... Not that I was watching them or anything >3>

Ah! I think the person they were waiting for just arrived! I hope it's another cute g- UGH! Another girl? Yeesh, how the hell am I suppose to stalk, er, I mean watch him with all these girls around hims? XP Thankfully my friends are used to me like this, so I guess they don't really mind... or they're just ignoring me.

Ah, whatever, I'll just go eat so I dragged my friends to the "Taste of Korea" part of the 3-in-1 restaurant... Wait, He's coming over! Well, they're coming over. OMG! They're sitting near our table! Uwah~ Okay, I need to either calm down, or at least not make it so ob- Eh? Why is my menu... AH! Idea!


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Tee Hee~ ^o^v Innit he cute? ^o^ He was too busy talking to his friends to notice ^o^.

A short while later, I went out to buy some bubble cake and I kinda bumped into one of the girls he was with. Stupid me bursting out that she's friends with the cute guy, though she doesn't seem very affected by my outburst. If anything she showed me a picture she took of him before she went for a walk. I asked her if I could have a copy so I gave her my email since my phone hate multimedia messages so I hope I can get that picture soon ^o^

Anyway, I went back to join my friends at the table their group was laughing about something and I was able to snap a picture without them noticing. Lookie~ ^o^

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Afterwards, my friends decided to drag me away since they wanted to go to One's so we left. I hope i get to see that guy again though :3 ... I didn't even get his name... damn

[Edit!] OMG! That girl sent me 2 pictures!

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This is what the girl took and showed me

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... I have no words *sparkles*

Why yes, I am mocking the fangirls that rickcir usually gets whenever our group hangs out XD
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