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2 days recap-ish

so, yesterday i decided to go camping. middle of the week, yes, i know :P It's more along the lines of "i'm going camping even though it's just going to be in the backyard" XD this is pretty much the conversation i had with them last week

me: I want to go camping!
Mom: okay, when's your next day off?
me: I have to book my days off if it's weekends.
dad: then what are you talking about?
Me: I'll go camping in our backyard :D
Mom and dad: *looks at each other* as long as you don't kill the grass, then i guess it's fine.
me: YAY! :D

and then, during my days off, it was raining >_>;; and yesterday before i went out to pitch my tent, i was like "Ooh! can I make a bonfire?" i recieved an immedate and a rather flat "NO!" then again, i expected it, so no big XD

and today i went out to get my laptop checked out since my laptop has been funky for a week-ish and the lady it could just be the programming or windows is acting up. i REALLY hope that my laptop doesn't have to be reformatted, or else i'll friggin cry.

Oh! In other news, i randomly saw Fanta being sold at the Dollar store :D I squealed like a happy little piglet when i saw them XD anyway, must flee since i'm just stealing my dad's laptop ^^;;
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