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hmmm [just random thoughts of RikkaiMyu]

RikkaiMyu needs more D1 action :3
Niou is love *_*
the switch was amusing to watch ^o^ (Marui with glasses XD and then later Yagyuu ripping the wig from Jackal's head XD)
not sure about how i feel about Yukimura... though he looks like (and more than a few people have mentioned this) a mix of Kimeru and Kazuki o_o;
Kirihara, for me, doesn't have the same creepy/scary air like JURI did when he played Akutsu :3
... I think i have a slight bias towards the doubles pairs since the myu covered only the doubles part of the manga :3 ah, my love for the Platinum pair has been revived *flails* I wanna cosplay Niou >w<
Niou's actor = pure awesome ^o^v

Funny how only now do I really fangirl Rikkai, after i was out of the fandom for a while and then rekindled after watching the myu XD
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