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It started out fun... but then in the end...

it sorta become awkward... at least for me.

I spent my day with fangirlspirit which was great since I haven't really seen her since her party in January. We mostly walked around the mall, did some of her stuff (health card and driver's license renewal thing), some of my stuff (little things i had to pick up for my grandma), did some browsing and a bit of shopping here and there until we rested at this mini restaurant thing called "Johnny Rockets" we both had appetizers and shared a root beer float. that in itself was more than enough for the both of us. after eating we walked around the mall a little more to somewhat digest what we ate and a little later on, we decided that we're both going to head home.

we had time to spare before our busses arrived, so we both decided to go to Chapters and chat there for a few minutes. When we entered Starbucks, that's when it got awkward for me.

fangirlspirit(Leina): Oh hey, there's Marjorie
me: *froze on the spot*
Leina: You okay?

needless to say, I was not expecting to see her at all. Apparently my ex was working at Starbucks so when Leina and myself went to the side and say 'Hi' I couldn't help but feel more than a little bit awkward as we were standing there. I think she can feel it, then again, it looked rather noticable >_>. A little later we said our byes and we actually headed inside Chapters, Leina was asking me if i was okay, since i was still more than a little bit tense. We talked a little bit, at the same time she was trying to calm me down. By the time i actually calmed down, her celphone started ringing telling us that i should flee so that i can go and catch my bus.

I don't really know how i feel about it, but i wish i was less tense than i was...

as fun as the day was, I'm really tired... okay, sleepy time ^^;;
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